Question by Jolanda: how to get on my broken link goes?

Often, you hear the advice: “occupy yourself so there is no time for him to think.”
In my eyes, you forget this opinion.

1. people who lose a close to death who know that it is irreversible and have no chance that the beloved returns. It is different if you have a relationship that is broken. Faster at the break to get is the first it is certain that there is always hope. Your mind will keep mobile as long that you think that there is always hope.

2. If you live on the hope that you will always be dreams that he or she suddenly again to your door. You will be waiting for his appeal or desire that you have these contingencies. A come back break also means that you have these dreams and expectations. Some people are years in this phase.

3 hold yourself. If you’re hungry and you don’t eat, but you go, do you think that hunger disappears you? I think that you only more hunger. You can not resolve the issue by claiming it did not place or knowingly tried to do, or it to no. Let’s face it and be aware that the relationship is over.

4 do yourself not depressed. Once the completed relationship is suddenly listening to sad music or internet analysis of saddest stories about a relationship has ended.

5 build your social life. Many people do not think more to their environment or their friends/family etc and place the person at the Centre of their lives. This has the feeling that you are alone in the world if the relationship is broken. If the contact with your friends is lost by the relationship, try to repair. Keep it to yourself and tell these friends that feel you.

6 Weeping is good. If you deleted the emotions can other problems. Crying is good, but remember that crying is the expression of your grief but does not mean that you are the treatment of pain. In my kickstart increases your trust in you learn a technique to manage your emotions.

7 avoid the person with whom the relationship is broken. Avoid a visit to his facebook, hyves profile. If you do, your subconscious believes that there is hope. The fastest way to have a termination of a relationship to come back is to make sure that you have no hope.

8 to ensure that tangible reminders are no longer visible. You need to burn the photos do not, but in any case more provide the gifts that you have road or in the course of this also and everything on a non-visible place. All of this again to ensure that you have no hope. By to clean up, it seems to be irreversible.

9 love yourself. Don’t be dependent on someone else’s love but give you that love you need another. You lose problems (life) but to stop being dependent on someone else y.

Don’t go all day on the couch or your bed, spend yourself but to engage, alcohol and drugs. Your problems will only increase by be and will contribute to faster during your break.

With no hope, expectations and you get rid of limiting beliefs (as he was the love of my life, but such love for a time, I never find someone else, my life is over, etc.) and you can release more quickly.

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