Out of sight, out of mind… A powerful habit.

You’ve probably heard about this decision. And you know that this decision that your life can change if you use the power of this decision.

The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is correct. After all, if something is not (more) is visible, you don’t forget often.

When it comes to add positive habits in life you want, then you need to think about things that can contribute to positive habits in your life to achieve.

An example of ‘out of sight, out of mind’:

I often suffer inflammation of the bladder and for me, it’s good to vitamin c to swallow. This increased my strength and I’m less prone to inflammation.

Now comes the power of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

I want that every morning of vitamin c and I have a number of weeks consecutively done until I was there last week, suddenly discovered that I had a few days not taken.

That has happened?

My husband had the vitamin c in the closet and it was therefore not rained on the work plan.

It is out of sight and therefore from the heart. Vitamin c was no longer in my view, and that is why I have forgotten. So here was my new ;-) positive habit has stopped.
Therefore, if you want to add a habit positive in your life, the “visible” for your remains!

This strategy can be applied to almost all aspects of your life.


If you have a list of tasks to keep in view, decision that your list of tasks to your phone or the car keys. You always remember to take with you.

You will be surprised things how you forget just because you forget your habit because nothing in view is to remind you!

Create a post-it, paste it on your mirror. An action in your mobile phone and leave every day the alarm fires etc.

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