Inspirational story: the young archer

 a young archer won a match after another, causing its confidence on arrogance began to appear. He gave up on his skill as an Archer and challenged a Zen master from which widely known for his skill as an Archer. The young man left a piece of his see by the large distance in the stem and then first arrow with a second community card to divide asunder. Please see it against the old master Zen, try that but once after doing!

Captain took his bow not to the hand, but without saying what he gave the young man to follow. They have climbed a mountain and during the long rise was the young archer always curious what the old man in his shield. Finally, they arrived at a deep gorge with a relatively thin tree trunk, rot enigeoverspanning.

The old master was walking quietly in the Centre of the precarious bridge unreliable and chose a tree in the distance as the target. He flexed his bow and shot exactly touch. He got off of the trunk ontspanne to and said: now it’s your turn. The young man started with the blows of heart in depth without merits and was not able to a foot on the trunk, let alone an arrow.

After some time, said Zen master:

You are very skilled with a bow and arrow, but you’re not paid to the spirit than the arrow quiver.

Source: “target = _blank > Eastern wisdom for the Western man Parachin-V.”

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