How you live your own approved life?

I think that one of the major obstacles in the life of others.

You ask what others think, try to get the approval of others, your maximum so that others may not be angry or to the will of passersby to go instead of that yourself. An example: you are a lawyer because your parents, lawyer, and that therefore you also expect to.

Abraham Maslow, said that a person of confidence must be independent of mind (good advice) of others.

This mean? In principle, it would be as useless to what other people think, regardless of what people are. If your parents, family, friends spouse etc, you have to go your way.

Personally, I have many experiences with me worry what other people think of me and I have my force give them. In fact, I thought that this is so heard and I never learned to listen to myself. I thought that I was a bad girl if I went to my mother would listen. The voice of other people has sounded for me always stronger than the voice of myself, as I have already heard.

A confident life, will learn to say no. Surround yourself with people who have a positive and that you do not want to keep the things you want to do.

Really, it’s not selfish to choose yourself and follow your dreams. You will be a happier person and that you radiate out again.

Don’t stop someone who is against, you said that you are not good enough or that you can’t.

Make your strongest faith that you fear and you’ll see that you are going to start with your dreams. Just you being.

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