How to get rid off body odor

Body odor is a problem of concern, especially among women, it becomes the most sensitive sekali.sepanjang my experience, body odors are disturbing, but that does not mean I have the experience of body odor.
Although I did not have body odor, but I am still anticipating for it, I‘ve got their own way how to remove the smell of this badan.dibawah there are several ways to eliminate body odor:

  • Bathe at least twice a day, wash with anti septic soap.
  • drink plenty of water, because by drinking lots of water will slow down your metabolism and helps reduce transpiration.
  • Do not be too much to consume foods that contain many spices such as onion and white onion.
  • Do not stress too much.
  • Well .. the last is the most efficacious tips that I have proved myself. Although no body odor, but it does not hurt to try this . I always put my underarm whitening, because whitening will make our armpits remain dry, with armpits stay dry, the bacteria will not multiply. Please see for yourself usefulness.

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