How stop with people “pleasen”?

We all need the relations and good relations with other people. This need arises also want to have the approval of friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that of other people to do as long as it is not against yourself. If you sacrifice yourself for the approval of others that lower your self-confidence and self-esteem.

As I have just it lowers your self-confidence. If you are more focused on the needs of persons other than the needs of yourself to imagine others above yourself. This low yourself.

Most people feel that you want to do everything to meet their need. This does not make you strong. Most people will not want to go with your order. Who would like to get the energy of powerful people who know what they are.

People have different personalities and where you get good results by thinking that you get the person “pleases”, the other person will be the value any.

How to stop other people to “pleasen”?

Realize that there is still not people are your “show”, even if you are a very confident attractive person. I even read a piece in the laws of the winners. This book is no longer available, but click here and see chapter to what I put on my blog.

Think before do you something to another part. ask yourself the question: do I do it myself or get it by the other to be accepted?

Finally, learn how to “say no”. Say no to people when you find something that you do not want to add 1,000 apology. You have no explanation! It is a real learning process. Recently, I noticed that I responded to an sms and that he wanted me to apologize. I have this immediately erased when I took knowledge of me and behind: thank you for your invitation and lots of fun.

You really will notice that you are happy when you stop to please others, and your confidence goes back with her. I therefore have the ebook “create your not concerned what other people think of you” written.

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