38 simple steps to a happy life.

Wait you on the joy? What is in fact for the happiness of you? Do you think that you are happy when you win a certain amount of money, if you are 20 pounds weight, when you have achieved something big, or perhaps find the ideal partner?

Happiness is next to your, but sometimes you he’ll miss because you look so hard.

If you have some great things want to achieve in your life and your success, then you probably have happiness. Often it is happiness only temporarily.

You who also, if you want something as well that it is fun for a while and then again is simply. ? You might then probably something elsewhere still more and better.

It takes a lot of work, the stress and worry on your goals you want to experience happiness. And that you have obtained, he starts to weaken with time.

And if you do not have to work so hard? Not much need to worry? What happens if there is a way easier to be happier?

According to the book http://www.bol.com/nl/p/engelse-boeken/the-how-of-happiness/1001004007206422/index.html ‘ target = _blank > “How or happiness” Sonja Lyybomirsky we control more than 40% of our happiness. It says in his book 3 activities that significantly increase your happiness: positive thinking, recognition and acts of kindness.

These activities can be easily, in different ways, be a habit in your life.

1. you wake up and until you get off your bed, you think about your day, view the experiences and positive results.

2 make your bed and be grateful for the roof over your head and your comfortable place to sleep.

3 enjoy the shower of hot rays on your body. Orphan in the here and now and do not think that you all still to be made.

4 tell your partner, children, precious friends for you and how.

5. give someone a cup of coffee.

6 write your card, letter, and if it is not otherwise a sms or email, containing your gratitude for what the person did or means.

7. Walking in nature. Look around and enjoy.

8 provide Sunrise and enjoy the quiet in the House.

9 take care of your favorite on your ipod music and listen to it.

10 But Swinging. Put your favorite song swing hard and tasty.

11. this too in your car. Windows downwards and hard music. Perhaps you get cans that you are not good point but take advantage of them.

12 extract same photos of festive events on in your life.

13 look in your home and appreciate all that you have. You more than you think probably more people in this world.

14 Put the flowers into your home or Office.

15 Enter the people you meet a compliment. Be felt!

16 reading or watching something inspiring.

17 take a tourist route of the road or provincial highway.

18 this is a creative activity. Change your room, a paint, paint, create a floral arrangement, something cooking etc…

19 take a massage.

20 Help when someone that you think that he needs.

21. this time friends makes them happy. You get this really fun conversation.

22 Look around at what you do need more, give you this.

23. In the course of your clutter! Not all at the same time but catch spacious and a room of this carefully.

24 to go in the evening, sit outside and watch the stars.

25 spontaneously invite friends to dinner. It is really not a culinary masterpiece.

26 watch what you say. Only friendly and positive comments to others, but on others.

27 Help once someone with the messages.

28 go after the delicious meal out, buy an ice cream.

29 think your memories before going to sleep.

30. you still have your parents? Appeal of their place and would like to thank them because they are great parents. Without them was you now not here.

31 surprise your partner with an unexpected lunch.

32. when someone feel you angry or sad. Go to yourself in harbour where it came from and do you not give to blame.

33 you see someone you don’t know yet at a meeting, birthday, etc. Give a hand, you suggest and start a personal conversation. Not to think but only yourself.

34 Choose one day, two important goals that you want to do with attention. After the appointment with yourself otherwise you break your confidence.

35 a movie comedy nice

36 Put on your computer and television a night out. Listen to music, read a book, get out. Something that you like, the rest and creativity.

37 to say “I love you” often and feeling.

38 write 25 things you like about yourself! Keep this more complete list.

You have any additions? Nice if you want to share below by filling in a response, and thus also to help other people.

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