How to Enjoy the Moments in your daily life

A father took his son fulfill his promise to go fishing. With distress among his schedule, the father tried to take leave. And finally, he went with his son, to go fishing. Their day’s fishing, but did not get a fish. With rage, finally arrived in the afternoon, they went home. Decades passed, it turns out these experiences are recorded by each of them in their daily diary. When read back, the father reads this diary, “Brazen. Unlucky days! I’ve been off all day for fishing, it did not get seekorpun. Sebel really!” Meanwhile, her diary was opened, it turns out the sentence, “Thank God.’s Day extraordinary. I went fishing with my father. Although not get a fish, but I have a chance to chat a lot with my father. It was fun!”

Readers, how different point of view of the father with the child. For the father, the most important thing is to get the fish, while for the child, that’s precisely the experience a fun fishing together. That the people who I often talked about in the seminars and training me, only better appreciate the ‘milestones’ while others, more appreciative of ‘moments’.

This incident actually reminded me of the experience of meeting with a General Manager of a retail company, where he was very successful and accomplished but in counseling with me, his face looked tired. In short, he says, “I’m tired, very tired. My life seemed to move from one target to another target.” It is not surprising to me that the GM is fatigue life. What emerges is feeling sorry for me because her life is just a collection of one goal to another goal. In fact, with his family he almost did not have the time. In fact, for a walk with his family alone, he should schedule, as if setting the target of what should be achieved within the family picnic, etc.. It was exhausting to see his life!

Marathon runners or mountain climber?

I use this metaphor to describe only two kinds of people inside enjoying life. The first one, I suppose like a marathon runner. I remember, I have attended several times a marathon race, and it was very enjoyable. The problem is, when he joined the merathon, I ran seriously. Focused on one point to another, until finished. In fact, the spectators on the edge of my jalanpun ignore. I just focused on running and eventually get to the finish line (by the way, this might not represent all marathon runners because there anyway my partner can really enjoy it). Long story short, this is the type that I consider to represent the person whose life just from one ‘milestones’ (stage) to a ‘milestone’ the other.

Compare the style of marathon runners are in the style of a mountain climber. I remember, I had never had a chance to climb the mountain. It was a somewhat different experience with the experience to be a marathon runner. In mountain climbing, we do have a goal to be achieved, namely peak. But along the way, we can sing, tell each other and even occasionally pause if there is something interesting to enjoy. It was wonderful opportunity to enjoy one at a place that we went through. And this is the metaphor that I consider to represent people whose lives can move from the ‘moment’ to the ‘moment’.

Now, with the second metaphor, I would like to invite you to reflect on how the trend is your attitude in the face of this life, in responding to your work, in addressing your child’s development process? Too many employees, leaders and parents that address work and family as ‘milestones’. True, in the end much they can achieve, but at the same time, they also lose much of the fun (fun) in this life. Imagine a manager who stress and boredom due to start her life from just one KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to the other KPI, one scorecard scorecard to another. Or, imagine an old man who sees his son as something moving target. It would be very exhausting.

Conversely, for me, we can remain while enjoying a ‘moment’ while trying to move ourselves to achieve better. We can reach the ‘mountain dream’ without losing our chance to stop, enjoy the beautiful scenery and jokingly jolly. So, from now treat our lives as a ‘moment’ rather than as a ‘milestone’ so that by the end of death ahead of us, there will be many wonderful moments that can be remembered! Enthusiastic greetings always!

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