How to Discover our Strenght

IN a book called Now, Discover Your Strengths, based on research conducted by the Gallup research institute of more than 2 million Americans, Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D., shows, major key to high achievement, success and happiness is through efforts to leverage our strengths, not by correcting or overcoming the shortcomings and weaknesses.

The first stage we have to do is to find and recognize our strength.

Unfortunately, most of us never realize the talent or the talent and our strengths, let alone the ability to leverage these strengths in our daily lives. On the contrary, because of the influence of our parents, our teachers, our bosses, and even by experts of psychology, we are actually very good at knowing our weaknesses and spend our lives just to fix or overcome these shortcomings or our weaknesses. Instead we let our strength and we are ignored.

We live with the belief that good is the opposite of the bad that humans for centuries trying to fix or improve weaknesses or shortcomings. The doctors learned about the disease to know about health, psychologists have learned about grief or psychiatric disorders to find out about happiness or mental health.

Wherever we are, at school, at work, we are taught to identify, analyze, and overcome the weaknesses or shortcomings so that we become strong. Many education and training is directed to attempt to overcome or reduce this seseorang.Hal weakness rather than one, but less able to remove the potential or force one’s own best. Because the strength of a person has a different pattern with a weakness he had.

To succeed in our chosen field and find true satisfaction in these fields, we need to understand in advance what our strengths. We need to identify, implement, and utilize our strengths in order to fully support our efforts in achieving the goals or our dreams come true. Do not focus on our weaknesses or deficiencies, but rather it is our strength that we must use and develop our resources.

Focus on Our Strength

In his book The Power of Focus, Jack Canfield, et al stated that one strategy to continually achieve peak performance and achieve goals in life with a more definite is to always focus on efforts to develop our strengths, not our weaknesses (build on your strengths, Weaknesses your notes). Furthermore it is said in the book: You must invest most of your time every week doing what you do best, and let others do what They do best.

We should spend more of our time to do the things you can do well, and let others do the things they control. In other words, we focus on our strengths or advantages. Renowned business consultant Dan Sullivan even said, “If you Spend too much time working on your Weaknesses, all you end up with is a lot of strong Weaknesses.” It means more if we try to overcome our weaknesses, eventually we will have many weaknesses increasingly prominent.

The more we practice or try to overcome our weaknesses, the more we will become the average person, but if we practice diligently to maximize our strength or our talent, much greater chance we will succeed in areas that are under our control.

A simple example is for instance a child has talents in music, but she is weak in the field of exact sciences. However, because the ambition of her parents, she was forced to take lessons in mathematics. Although he ultimately graduated in the field of financial accounting, for example, but he will never be the best in the field. He’ll just be average.

We are all blessed by God with talent or talent different and unique. Each of us has its advantages and strengths that if we can train and we develop to increasingly utilized so that eventually we can become the best with the talents God has given to us. The most important thing in all of our lives is to identify strengths or talents God has given to us.

Search or discovery of one’s talents may take many years, sometimes even many of us never really realize what our talents. In fact, we often compare our weaknesses or deficiencies with the advantages or strengths of others. Of course this is not fair at all to ourselves.

Jim Carey, a comedian and famous movie star who paid not less than U.S. $ 20 million per film, has a very unique talent. He can rotate and fold the body and face in a very unusual position. Often he looked like made of rubber. As a teenager, he spent long hours every day to train herself in the mirror. He also realizes that he is very adept at imitating the movements and habits of others (impersonations), and it is this which he trained and developed continuously hour after hour, day after day, year after year of his life.

Of course a lot of obstacles and challenges faced by Jim Carey on his way to the top stars. There are so many moments when he hesitated and felt less confident, would he or she can become a famous movie star someday.

Then he improved the way the focus by using visualization techniques. He wrote a check for 10 million dollars and give a specific date in the future, and keep the check in his pocket. When she felt hesitant and fall, when he experienced a moment of weight, he will go to a quiet place on the hill and looked at the city of Los Angeles and imagine herself as a big star in Hollywood. Then he read back the check he wrote as a reminder of his destiny as a big star someday.

It’s interesting life story of Jim Carey is a few years after he wrote the check, she signed a contract deal worth more than ten million dollars to star in the film The Mask. The date? almost the same as the date that he wrote in the checks that he kept on for this.

What can we learn from the story of Jim Carey is the first we have to focus on our strengths or advantages. Both express a desire or a dream we are in the form of visualization (text, images, etc.) with a target or targets and specific timeframe. Third is exercise or work hard to improve or develop strengths and our strengths so that more than anyone in the talent or the talent. There is no excellence without exercise or habit, which is conducted continuously for many years.

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