7 Myth of Google

Some facts and myths below I took from Google Facts & Fiction page, there may be a question of whom you also for this but have never read from the source? Let’s look.

Myth-1: Setting up ads on Google (PPC Adwords) will affect your website ranking in search results (SERP). The fact is your website ranking is not affected by whether you advertise on Google or not.

Myth-2: a link exchange program or programs “FFA” (free for all) will increase your website ranking. The fact is that the link exchange programs are often more harm than good. In addition to the benefits of small, service providers link exchange programs often use your email address without permission and that increases the incoming email that you do not want into your mailbox.

Myth-3: Use of automated ranking checker program will save webmasters time to assess the existence of their website. The fact is that the use of automated programs like it will waste resources that should be used to serve a more useful purposes. The use of automated programs to be against the TOS and Google asks webmasters do not use it.

Myth-4: Competitors You can mess up your website ranking and even make your website not indexed by Google. The fact is that almost no opportunity for your competitors to rank or eliminate damage to your website from Google’s index. And the presence of your website ranking in Google’s index entirely within your control as a webmaster, including in terms of content and website design.

Myth 5: Your website will be removed from the Google index if you too often do submit the URL. The fact is: Google does not recommend that you also submit a URL and do not forbid it. You are free to register your website as often as you want, but the process of registration of the URL following the schedule set by Google, so it’s better use of your time and energy to improve the quality of content and links to your website.

Myth-6: Your website will not be indexed by Google when using ASP format (or formats other non-html). The fact is: Google is able to index almost any type of file, including files formatted pdf, asp, jsp, html, shtml, xml, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, LWP, wri, swf, cfm, and php .

Myth-7: Hosting a website on a specific server such as Apache and IIX will provide benefits for your website ranking. The fact is: Google does not distinguish the type of server you can use in assessing the ranking of a website, use any type of server is best suited to you.

Myth-8: When you access your website is slow, it will affect the ranking of your website. The fact is: the speed of loading web site does not affect the ranking of your website, but if your server is dead or disconnected connections that lead to your website is inaccessible then your web pages are not indexed by Google.

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