Where is our self-awareness ?

In this life of so many people seeking self-awareness or more cool is to find our true self. Knowing our true self is an effort that can make our lives more meaningful and useful to others. The pinnacle of our self-awareness will lead us in a more peaceful life.
Self-awareness is a state where you can understand yourself with the letter. You are called self-conscious if you understand the emotions and moods that are perceived, critical information about yourself, and realize about yourself is real. In short, self-awareness is if you are aware of the thoughts, feelings, and self-evaluation that is inside of you.
People are in a sense of self has the ability to monitor itself, which is able to read social situations in understanding others and understand other people’s expectations of him. If others expect you to talk, you talk. If others wish you quiet, then you are silent. If anyone else wishes you a forward first, you go first.

People who can monitor themselves certainly preferable to others. However, if the ability to monitor itself is very high even can become a chameleon, aka do not have an identity because everywhere is always trying to adjust. Conversely, the lower the monitor itself always behave consistently because there is no attempt to adjust to the situation at hand. Whether at a party, in meetings, in any event and meet whoever behavior remains the same.

In the extreme, self-awareness can be divided into two, namely public self-consciousness and self awareness. People who have self-awareness leads out his public behavior. That is, actions done in the hope that other people know. People with high public awareness tends to always try to make adjustments with the norms of society. He was not comfortable if it differs from others.
People with high personal self-awareness self-awareness in contrast to the public. His actions follow the standards themselves. They do not care about social norms. They are comfortable-comfortable just different from others. In fact, they often need to be different. Those who participated in various activities of an unusual and bizarre including people who have high personal self-awareness.
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