Raising the spirit of life

Many positive things you can do in the middle of a routine. Enjoy life while you work, surely you will still maintain the spirit and have a vigorous life.

Be the person who always give ‘more’ in what you do. Make ‘totality’ as your lifestyle habits form character. Give without expecting rewards and praise.

The wise man said: “Some day you will laugh when I think of this.” Reduce stress by thinking that everything in your life would have worked better. Although current conditions do not support you excited. Have a positive frame of mind! Look at every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. Do not forget to keep laughing.

3. Take control of YOUR HABITS
Habits can make you a better or worse. Be sure to have a habit that has a good effect for yourself & your life. Lenyapkanlah bad habits that harm.

Look, anyone who is very influential in your life? We are all formed by our environment. Any person who is all around us affect the personality, beliefs, and values ??that we profess. So, who the people closest to you? Make sure that they support you in advance. Avoid people who mengha-rainbow developments on and off your spirit.

5. Take Time for YOU LIKE ACTIVITY
Often we are working hard to run after the progress in our lives, to forget the things that make us happy. If it’s too tense, you become tired body and soul, and bored. Restore your spirit by taking time to do your hobby. Do it regularly.

6. Solve the problems that press YOU
Unsolved problem has the potential to deplete our energy. Find out, what problems that press the soul and makes you depressed. Find the solution to your problem. Complete unfinished business, such as pay off debt, complete the thesis or unfinished work. Guaranteed, you will be relieved every single problem is completed. Just take care of everything, so you come back excited!

Away carelessness and bad things that happen in your life by focusing on what you are doing at this time. Develop a habit of doing just one job. Focus on it until the job was finished. Pay attention to detail to achieve perfection.

8. Take time to SET YOUR LIFE
Most people give up on the state and not fighting for their lives. As a result their lives become erratic and without direction and purpose. Avoid this by knowing what you want. Know your dreams. You want to be? What kind of life that you desire? What is your contribution to man and the world? Be proactive in trying to organize yourself and your life into a better direction. Establish a plan and fight!

Eat nutritious foods, not only from full. Have a quality sleep. Exercise regularly. Make every effort to support our bodies stay healthy. Because physical health affects mental freshness. Try to be in an environment that ‘healthy’, avoid a stressful environment, look for a better life. Share it with friends. Do not forget that God exists, bow & pray!

Your mind is the most sophisticated computer in the world! Up grade yourself! So, never stop learning and developing your talent. Do not be lazy to learn new skills that will improve health, mental strength, and performance of our work. Do not be afraid to try new experiences. New things to stimulate our minds. Use the knowledge you have to work, teach, support others, and participate in making the world a better place.

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