Finance management Tips

One of the most important thing in our lives is to set up / manage your money. If you can not manage your money with the best, then you like to put wine in a perforated plastic bag. In other words, your hard work in collecting the money would be wasted. What that arise in your mind, when asked about how to manage your money? The following outline arrange finance:

1. Collect
Your money does not come by itself, but it takes great effort in your work in order to collect money. No one if you collect your money with your own efforts; is wrong is when you make money everything.

2. Issue
You should be able to manage your money for things that particularly. Often times more expenditure than income you receive. This is very unhealthy. All you have to do is invent a plan for your expenses. Arrange in advance things that are most important to your life or your family, then other things. Beranikanlah yourself to say no to things that are not important. At the time of going to buy stuff, think, “do I NEED or WANT this stuff.”

“If you would be Wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.”
Benjamin Franklin

3. Store
Often times to save / save is a difficult thing. But you have to start familiarizing yourself to save money, because it includes one of the keys so you can manage your money well. Tubes 10% of your income for the future and special needs.

4. Invest
If you have enough savings, then you can invest your money. For this investment, first consult with experts about the investment that you will face when you invest your money. An investment that needs to be done is to invest in land or houses, as this is one of our requirement that the price will continue to rise.

5. Give
The last key in regulating the money you are giving! Maybe you will think whether to give including in managing money? I said Yes! Why? Because when you give to people in need, then you’re investing your money for their future. Often this life is measured by what we have, but I want to invite you to change your paradigm: enrich yourself with what you have given to the life and welfare of others, not what you get.

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