Using sentences that are known the truth to start a writing

If you want to write an article that will increase confidence in the eyes of readers, then you can use the following opening line as a tool for you to write:

This technique proved very effective, and can you train over and over again so that you can use it naturally.

Imagine what would happen, if by this simple technique, you can produce an article or writing a more interesting every time

It would be like if your writer, and how many more articles written or will you make?

Use the statement at the beginning of your writing that has been known to your readers the truth by the following:

You probably know

You are smart enough to know

Of course you‘ve heard that

Everybody knows

You probably already know

Rare thinkers like you already know that

By using a sentence that is already known the truth by your reader above, it will immediately create confidence for your readers and make people do whatever you want.
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