A story of village people

When a tiny baby is born, all the adults around them happy. High expectations and prayer is hung high noble noble were offered.
However, when in fact the baby grows into a retarded child, all adults stare. Pitied.
Her life will be difficult, they said. Poor, they advanced.

Proven indeed, the child’s life difficult. Massaging neighbors paid five thousand dollars.
Along the way, confronted by a neighbor child. Money seized five thousand and exchanged for a thousand dollars.
Children stupid, stupid boy! Children need to be stupid not paid five thousand. Mockery heard along the road.
Pity you sonny, sorry for you son. Mom at home in tears to see the results.
The children who do not understand just feel happy with whatever he gets.

Year after year passed. Injustice and mockery is a food a day the day the child.
But he never quite understood about why it all happened
and he just accept everything for granted. Perhaps rightfully so he thought.
Once that happens to her body rising and his Adam’s apple appears.

The time had arrived. Youth youth rushing throng walked along the river,
leave the village and the child – their child.
Try his fortune in the city, looking for happiness they said.
Mother the mother drove with tears. Half sad, half emotion.
This separation can be forever, they said.

Her mother was moved to tears. Her son was merely puppets, never to where where.
While he did not quite understand, just keep running his custom massage. What is different is no longer confronting and taunting. He came home with the whole new and familiar feelings as feelings of pleasure.

Her life continued hard but human kindness and generosity continues to flow. The pay for massage is growing, and he was able to count and save money.
Simply plug it into the can after can of money alone, so his mother said
and it always does without missing.
Until her mother’s aging and everyone who comes to help him bury the old figures.

What is this, what’s this? He asked those present. Why is this chest pain and water out of my eyes? All those present weeping. Pity you sonny, sorry for you son.
He continued day and learn about the loneliness. Sometimes the water is still out of his eyes as pictured mother.
He who does not quite understand about death, just thought maybe it should be, and just live it.
Until slowly people people he knew from childhood were disappearing one by one died, and the water did not come out again from her eyes.

Year by year passed, and he underwent the day as usual.
Upon their return, a man he did not know, sat down on the sidewalk.
He approached but never managed to ask.
When he tilted his head, he saw the water come out of his eyes.
I was rebellious child. Mother matipun I did not come back. I thought happiness was in town there. I thought all was real. But this is a real fact. I’m not what what, did not have anything anything, and did not have anyone anyone.
He continued babbling and more water out of her eyes.

He who does not quite understand what was being said the man, just looking at him silently. He did not understand what he‘s talking about, but he knew the water that comes out of that eye.
And look at me now, talking to the fool who do not understand what what! The fool who can not do anything! A man shouted loudly loud, crying.
He knew it! The man is a child who always say the same thing first. Who always laughed delightedly when swapping five thousand dollars of his money into money-thousand dollars.

He who does not quite understand how to explain it, sprinted toward his house.
Good! Now the fool had left me! Stupid stupid! He continued babbling.
Soon he returned to the front of the man gasping for breath breath.
Swap it with ten thousand dollars, he said, giving money and fifty thousand dollars to the man.

You fool ya! What do you mean! He was angry and stood clutching his arm hard.
Forgiveness forgiveness. First you will be glad when it’s my money exchanged. So this exchange! I still have more if you need a lot until the water stops flowing out of your eyes, he fears.
The man released his grip and was stunned for long.

This exchange. He said as he thrust the money in his hand.
His eyes glazed the glass looked at him as he asked,
why do you think this could make my tears do not fall again?
He who does not quite understand the question was trying to say what he knows.
Every mother I remember, the water coming out of my eyes. I go for massage and the money I had brought home. Now the water does not come out again from my eyes.
Wear you, too, he said softly to the man.

The man held her tightly and wept tears.
He who does not quite understand with all that just thought maybe it like it should. He also hugged him too.

Until the end, life is always difficult. But the water never came out again from his eyes.
Children neighbors helped him until his death. Together equal work and neighbors. Until the end he never married. He is never too understand it, think maybe they should be.

Shortly before he died, his friend was once asked him,
You know what it is happy? Do you feel happy with your life?
He who does not quite understand the question, trying to answer what he knew.
Perhaps this is the case should be, he replied, smiling.

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