My concept to start writing

Indeed, in the affairs of writing is the main idea. Because the logic without any idea where there may be writing. But, if you believe the idea is an abstract thing that can come without any thought about?

With Free Writing Tips applied in a Writers’ Academy, the problem can be overcome. Because basically the idea was to come even when we‘re in the process of writing.

In general, the concept of promoting the free writes intention or spirit as you have it. So, if you already have a passion to write, you actually already have the capital which is very important. Congratulations.

Based on my experience and those who already apply the tips to write freely, from the kind of writing the above ideas will radiate by itself.

Forget the old rules about writing and the standard theories. Express used to spontaneity and poppop of mind that exist at the time. At this stage, you do not need to be concerned about all the theory you do not even need to check your writing first.

Maybe you will ask why we do not examine our writing since the first phase of this? Would not it be more efficient? Indeed if we are concerned with the effectiveness of it is the right step. However, sometimes when we examine the writing in the middle of this first process, it will inhibit the ideas also arise because of disruption of the rhythm of our writing. The result is stagnation, stagnation and decline affecting the spirit of writing. So, instead we actually just stopped writing because of stagnant, better postpone check writing.

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