Changing Habits and Self-development

If you want you can stop your old habits and replace them with new and better habits. However, just as changes in other areas, doing this certainly is not easy at first.

There are many people who used to lie to themselves and others. This can happen because we live in a world full of opinions, philosophies, theories, speculation, and a different conclusion.

For example, you do not need a new phone, but your friends think that your phone is outdated and needs to be replaced. Because would not mocked, you deceive yourself, and eventually buy a new phone that is more sophisticated. Because you really do not need a new phone nan advanced earlier, you just use it to call and send sms.

In fact, to be able to develop themselves, the earlier you need to be honest and know the truth about yourself. No need to lie, discover the truth about yourself.

Like a mirror, you have to see how exactly you are in the shadows that you see. You need to be honest, look at yourself as well as what is in front of your eyes.

If (for example) you see that you’ve been lazy, admit that you’re lazy. If indeed you’ve been lacking in confidence, admit that you lack confidence.

After that, what can you do to change bad habits and develop yourself?

Yes, change yourself. When you are ready to do it, then you can do it without having to ask for help from others. You can learn to develop the qualities that you already have now, such as self esteem, confidence, self motivation, and so on.

To develop new skills and get rid of the bad old habits, try using your conscious mind as well. When you observe and hear things around you, then you just the same learn new things, where you do not need to read a thick book. You only need to open your mind to accept new things.

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